Zero trust authentication essentials 

The rapid expansion of corporate digital footprints, combined with a confusing and saturated vendor landscape, make choosing the right network security solutions a tedious task.

22. 11. 2023
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Radically Simple, Cloud-Native Access Control

In this new digitally connected age, data has become the world’s most valuable resource. Data means power. Those that hold it have the edge. This applies to individuals, businesses and governments alike. With data at such a premium, it’s no wonder a market for data theft has flourished — after all, it’s human nature. For every good deed, a bad deed lays in wait.

Hackers innovate, finding new ways into corporate networks, devices and applications. This continuum has in turn created the cyber security market, where vendors strive to make a quick buck by plugging the latest hole in corporate infrastructure. But it’s been a losing battle thus far because security solutions that come to market are reactionary to problems their customers are already facing. The black hats have the element of surprise, and companies typically don’t know what hit them until it’s too late.

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