Security Audit

Most of the breaches are still the result of neglected configurations. Co.Next engineers are more than happy to help you improve your company security posture. We can audit your Palo Alto Networks Firewall configuration and suggest you what to do to make your company attack surface smaller. That is not all, we can give you advice about additional steps need to be done to tighten your company IT security.

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Managed SoC

To employ a number of security engineers to cover your organization IT security monitoring 24x7x365 is a financial burden for every company. Co.Next recognizes these financial constraints and can help with Managed SoC service. Our Managed SoC is available 24x7x365 and already covers more than 300 companies worldwide.

If you want to find out more about our Managed SoC service, please send us email to

Try Equipment or Software

If you want to try some product from our portfolio just call us or drop us a mail, we will provide you with the hardware or software you need with additional engineer expertise at your disposal.

If you want to test some of our products, please send us email to