Improve the Effectiveness of Your Palo Alto Networks Appliance

01. 04. 2020
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[vc_row luv_text_alignment=”left”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Network visibility solutions are foundational to ensuring that security solutions can reliably protect the enterprise without impacting service availability and performance. Are you getting 100% of the packets flowing to your security and monitoring tools? Looking for ways to reduce network complexity and improve the effectiveness of your existing Palo Alto Networks appliance performance?

Take a look at the whitepaper from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Fuel Founding Partner Garland Technology, Best Practices For Applying Visibility Technology to Inline and Out-of-Band Security, based on the recent industry report exploring how enterprises apply network visibility technologies for both inline and out-of-band security use cases to support security solutions.

This whitepaper will cover:

  • Inline security visibility best practice
  • Bypass device requirements and benefits
  • Out-of-Band for security visibility best practice
  • Out-of-Band visibility architecture
  • Out-of-Band network packet broker requirements

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