Portnox Announces New NAC-as-a-Service

31. 05. 2018
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[vc_row luv_text_alignment=”left”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Portnox Announces New NAC-as-a-Service, Portnox CLEAR App for the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework

Portnox, a market leader for network visibility, access control and device risk management solutions, revealed on May 22,2018 its Portnox CLEAR app for the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework. The app will offer Palo Alto Networks Application Framework customers a complete view of the network, ability to control the risk by coping with threats in real time, as well as increased visibility into devices – including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and managed devices, anywhere in the world.

CLEAR is Portnox’s NAC-as-a-Service cloud solution, offering network administrators robust network and cloud access controls, visibility and risk monitoring capabilities. CLEAR improves network security by providing continuous endpoint visibility, including real-time risk assessments in all locations, discovery and visibility of IoT and BYOD devices. Portnox CLEAR generates unique risk scores for each device based on the security configuration and posture of the device in conjunction with contextual behavior patterns, whether a device is on or off premise, over wired, VPN or wireless networks. As part of the Application Framework, the Portnox CLEAR app will enable customers to monitor a network or endpoint threat indications from the Framework, update the risk score of devices, and, based on policy, automatically authorize or block devices from accessing the network.

“We are delighted to welcome Portnox to the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework developer community. The framework provides our customers with superior security through cloud-based apps developed by innovative security providers, large and small. Together, we are fueling innovation in the cybersecurity market with apps that are built rapidly, engineered on a common framework, and deliver unique value while solving our customers’ toughest security challenges.”

Lee Klarich, chief product officer, Palo Alto Networks

The Palo Alto Networks Application Framework is targeted for worldwide availability in August 2018 and will be available to customers who have purchased either Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls or Traps advanced endpoint protection and the Logging Service subscription.

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