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20. 11. 2018
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Conference in Adriatic region about IT security

SecurIT 2019 conference is event covering field of IT security in Adriatic region. Event will take place on January 2019 in Terme Olimia in Podčetrtek, Slovenia. Nowadays, companies and organizations are going through rapid changes and transformation. Together with the digital transformation, new issues arise and increase the risk of business security. Bringing you knowledge and solving your problems regarding everything about IT security is where we can become your partner. Conference is being organized in cooperation with leading companies and partners from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia in the field of IT security.

Security challenges and their solutions

Fast rollout of new services, as a result of digital transformation, creates security challenges in several segments of corporate IT infrastructure. At the conference we will address challenges, which IT and security teams are facing from several aspects, and provide ideas and solutions, which will help them overcome these issues with best possible outcome. More specifically, we will address security solutions for Cloud, Datacenter, Perimeter and Endpoint, as well as address and resolve problems about:

  • visibility and recognition in our internal network (Portnox);
  • attack surface visibility for proactive protection (Skybox);
  • recognize, respond, report and research phishing attacks (Cofense);
  • management, control and surveillance (Solarwinds);
  • continuous and Real-Time SaaS attack surface analysis and remediation (Cycognito).

Everything about IT security from the world’s best experts

Digital transformation is often driven by the desire for more agile, innovative digital project management that cyber security needs to emulate. At the conference we will host highly trained and experienced security experts who know how to break into complex IT architecture, how to circumvent security systems, and how to steal protected data from cloud solutions. Knowledge is your investment in security! Well-known speakers will show you how to protect your data and business from all security threats and how to preserve the privacy of your business at the highest level. Let us guide you through the technical and specific steps that are endanger of potential hackers.

One of the keynote speakers is Fred Streefland with more than 25 years of experience within Security & Intelligence, currently working as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for North & East-Europe (NEEUR) within Palo Alto Networks. In his session Is cloud the future of cyber security? he will talk about cloud as inevitable for all organizations. If an organization wants to be successful (or continue its existence), it simply cannot deny cloud computing. But cloud computing also provides risks, because cloud security is complex and the ‘bad guys’ are using cloud computing for their benefits as well.

Milan Gabor, another keynote speaker, is certified ethical hacker, owner and director of Viris, whose everyday work is to analyze, crack, hack and destroy various information systems.

Bring knowledge of IT security to life!

Not only gathering leading companies and people in the region – conference will present the most important topics and best practices about security in IT, and will therefore be interesting for IT managers, professionals and specialists, as well as security and network engineers and system administrators.

Networking and socializing with leading managers and IT professionals

Conference is not only about bringing the best practices, current topics, high professional lectures and best speakers together. We also want to make your participation a gold opportunity for your business development. Having leading managers, IT professionals and specialists all in one place means you will have exceptional opportunity to meet new business partners, develop new business ideas or improve your business links.

About the organizer: Co.Next – Connecting the Next Generation of IT Security

Renewing and modernizing one’s brand in a world of increasingly complex digitalization is a sign of commitment towards a common goal. In Co.Next case, this is the protection of our greatest common good – data and information. For this purpose, they are simplifying and connecting the next generation of forward-thinking security solutions. The company connects depth of its intellectual heritage of the brand and its people, while their work relay in the new digital world – connecting, inspiration and forward-thinking.


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